Well into the Channel training

Well into the Channel training

The disappointment of having my 2014 Channel attempt stopped after 3 ½ hours due to thick fog seems a long time ago and I am now well into my training for another attempt in July. Training sessions are up to 6 hours and with the weather warming up it’s time to get back into the sea for the longer swims.

I have been going in the sea throughout the winter for cold water acclimatisation, so am fairly used to the cold and also went to Majorca for a swim ‘boot camp’ in early April. The sea temperature there at the time is similar to the Channel in the summer and was a good way to get back into sea swimming, especially as I also got my 6 hour qualification swim for the Channel out of the way.

Since the boot camp I have been building my time up in the sea, but it is still a bit chilly and I probably need to put on a bit more weight (2 stone has gone on so far) for insulation, as no wetsuits are allowed, just bathers.

Most of my sea training is just off Worthing beach and if you see someone in an orange or yellow swim hat, possibly with a rather conspicuous orange float-along bag (with my thermos flask of hot drink and food to keep me going), it will probably be me.

I have decided to support Rockinghorse the Brighton based charity for sick children and babies as I know numerous people that have benefited from their work over the years.

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